The VAN7 Fold-Down Bed with 7 different functions


The VAN7 pull-down bed with 7 functions
Finally being on the road again and being able to spend the night wherever you want:
Our patented fold-down bed simply makes you more flexible. You can use your vehicle as a camper in your free time and as a transporter in everyday life. Whether for your trip or your job, you always have the optimal storage space for your seven things. And for the night a comfortable bed in which you sleep like in 7th heaven. The VAN7 fold-down bed is easy to use, extremely flexible, super comfortable and mechanically robust: seven smart functions ensure quick comfort.


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1) A bed in no time, storage space again in no time:
With the flexible height adjustment.

Your VAN7 fold-down bed works without storage structures and guide rails, so you have maximum space for fun and camping accessories. You can adjust the height of your bed flexibly and to suit your load. Wherever you want to stop and spend the night, you simply crank your VAN7 drop-down bed electrically or manually to the desired height and fix it securely to the side wall. So you have a spacious and comfortable bedroom in no time.

Before you set off again, you can simply let your VAN7 fold-down bed disappear from the ceiling: This way you can make optimal use of the storage space for camping or transporting. Depending on the size of the van, you even have standing height underneath.

For your adventure trips you have comfortable space under the bed for your seven things: your motorcycle, your kayak, your e-bikes or maybe your fishing equipment. And you also have ample opportunity to transport large things in everyday life – such as work material or a trade fair stand for your business.


Functionality in no time at all.
We have put all our camper and everyday experience into the development of your VAN7 fold-down bed: so that you can be sure that your VAN7 fold-down bed always works at any time of the day and in the most beautiful parts of the world, we consciously rely on robust mechanical components. You can decide freely whether you want to operate the VAN7 fold-down bed electrically, with a cordless screwdriver or manually with a hand crank.

2) In a jiffy in a horizontal position: Even if you are crooked.
With the spirit level alignment function.

Now you finally have the opportunity to sleep in a really comfortable horizontal position even when camping – even when the terrain is uneven: With the alignment function, you can move your VAN7 drop-down bed into a completely horizontal position in no time with the help of the integrated spirit levels and flexible belt locks bring.

3) Sleep in peace in no time:
With the unique bed fixing function.

So that you can relax after your adventures and be fit for the next day, you have to be able to sleep really well, of course: you can fix your VAN7 fold-down bed firmly to the side wall in no time. So you can sleep in peace with certainty.

4) In no time at all like in 7th heaven:
With the hammock function.

Imagine you’ve found a place in the most beautiful natural surroundings, with a wonderful view of mountains, ocean or sunset: Fortunately, with your VAN7 lifting bed, you always have your hammock with you. With the hammock function, the bed hangs freely from the ceiling and you can let your mind wander.

5) Neatly stowed away in no time:
With the stow & hang function.

Anyone who travels a lot knows that everything has its place when camping: With the practical stowage & hanging function, thanks to the magnetic strips on the underside of your VAN7 pull-down bed, you can hang everything up – from towels to wet laundry to sleeping bags. Even showering is possible: simply fix a shower curtain on the underside and you have your mobile and flexible bathroom.

6) Take a relaxed shower in no time:
With the shower function in the camper.

If you want to take a relaxed shower in a cozy, warm camper without a spectator, but want to save the space, time and money for a built-in shower, then the shower function is just right for you: Everything is set up in no time and again stowed away. Clean and simple, it couldn’t be more practical.

7) Comfortable light in a flash:
With the lighting function.

Is it dark outside? No problem: When you come back to your camper after your adventures and open the doors, the light in the interior will automatically come on for you and you will find your way around immediately. Of course, you can also turn on the LED lights with the integrated switch as permanent light.


The VAN7 pull-down bed:
In no time – facts & installation.

  • Campers in their leisure time – Transporters in everyday life
  • turns your vehicle into your individual and flexible camper in no time
  • maximum load space for your sport and your camping accessories
  • seven smart functions for quick convenience on the go
  • Sleep comfort like at home
  • always functioning, purely mechanical system
  • Can be operated electrically with a cordless screwdriver and manually with a hand crank
  • practical, pleasant light source for interior lighting
  • The frame is robustly constructed from metal and plywood
  • Belt stopper for maximum safety
  • a bed for vans for a lifetime: simply remount in your new van
  • Can be removed and installed in just a few simple steps
  • typing-free, as it is flexible
  • available in two sizes:


VAN7 fold-down bed 140x200cm in no time (for vans with a minimum ceiling length of 229cm and a ceiling width of 140cm)

VAN7 fold-down bed 120x200cm in no time (for vans with a minimum ceiling length of 229cm and a ceiling width of 120cm)

  • Compatible with any standard mattress 140x200cm or 120x200cm
  • Fastening: on the highest part of the side wall
  • Can be lowered 120cm from the ceiling
  • Total weight: 55 kg, suitable for weight loads up to 230 kg


Your VAN7 pull-down bed in no time:
Installed in no time.

If you can use a cordless screwdriver and wrench, you can also easily assemble your VAN7 pull-down bed yourself: We have illustrated in detail assembly and installation instructions for this.

What you need for installation:

Since the structure of the different vehicle manufacturers varies greatly and you can still choose the installation position for your VAN7 pull-down bed, you need specially made mounting brackets. Just ask our VAN7 team, we can have individual mounting brackets made for your desired installation position.

A rivet nut attachment for drilling machines is required for installation in the hold. The tool can be ordered online and it is really easy to get to any desired position.

Wherever you want to sleep:

The VAN7 pull-down bed turns less space into more space.

With our unique fold-down bed, you can create a comfortable place to sleep anywhere in no time: whether in a vehicle, in a boat, in your garden shed or in your new tiny house. You can even install it in the airplane 😉 You use the available space in several ways: And when you want to sleep, you just let your comfortable bed down from the ceiling.

What does the fun cost?

VAN7 7-function drop-down bed: now € 2,870 incl.VAT.


Installation costs:

Do-it-yourself installation: your time 😉

At the specialist: Ask your specialist for a cost estimate.
We would be happy to put you in touch with the nearest specialist.

Additional information

Weight 40 kg
Dimensions 200 × 140 × 20 cm

120cm x 200cm, 140cm x 200cm


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