About Us

We are a young team based in beautiful Styria, within sight of the famous Red Bull Ring in Spielberg.

Our company founder, Stefan Ressler, is a passionate motorcycle racer and an enthusiast for just about every adventure that can be had on two or four wheels.

Stefan has amassed a great deal of experience travelling via motorcycle to many of Europe’s most famous racetracks. His proximity to these races has shown him how important it is to have a van that can be set up quickly to be functional for the racetrack while simultaneously being comfortable for residential use.

With this experience in mind, Stefan developed his patented VAN7 Fold-Down Bed. His flexible modular system is perfect not only for the racing sector, but for regular travelers as well.

Unforgettable adventures on off-grid camping trips have further allowed him to develop this system into a practical, personalized design that can transform any vehicle into a fully-fledged camping van.

Stefan’s extensive technical training as a mechanical engineer and his many technical interests have enabled him to make his ideas a reality. Above all, this training has allowed him to create robust “hardware” to implement these ideas. At his side, he has a great team of experienced experts across a multitude of disciplines.

Our guiding principles have led us to create the most practical design, allowing for quick and easy operation and flexibility in use.

Never hesitate to reach out and ask us anything you need; there is a well-thought-out solution in every detail.

We turn experience into adventure.