Modulare Systeme und Erweiterungen für Ihr Fahrzeug.

About us

We are a young team based in beautiful Styria - within sight of the famous Red Bull Ring in Spielberg.

The company founder is a passionate motorcycle racer and is enthusiastic about every adventure that can be experienced on – two or four – wheels

On the basis of his motorcycle travel experiences on the racetracks of Europe, he knows what it comes down to when a van has to be set up for the racetrack on the one hand and yet a comfortable living use is to be created in no time at all with a few simple steps.

With this in mind, he developed our modular system, which is by no means only designed for racing use.

Unforgettable adventures on self-sufficient camping vacations brought him to further develop our system for a practical individual design up to a full-fledged camping vehicle.


His comprehensive technical training as a mechanical engineer allows him to implement his practical ideas in mature and above all also reliable and robust „hardware“.

Hereby a great team of experienced experts from different fields is at his side.

Our guiding principle is always to enable a quick and easy operation with as practical designs as possible, and at the same time to be always Flexible


We turn practice into adventure

Just ask us: there’s a well-thought-out solution in every one of our details.

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