The VAN7 bedlift bed with 7 functions

Finally being on the road again and being able to spend the night wherever you want:
Our patented bedlift simply makes you more flexible. You can use your vehicle as a camper in your free time and as a transporter in everyday life.
Whether for your trip or your job, you always have the optimal storage space for your seven things. And for the night a comfortable bed in which you sleep like in 7th heaven. The VAN7 bed lift is easy to use, extremely flexible, super comfortable and mechanically robust: seven smart functions ensure quick comfort.


Flexible height adjustment

With a hand crank or cordless screwdriver, you can pull your VAN7 bedlift up to the ceiling in no time and immediately have optimal, free load space underneath. Simply adjust to your desired height for sleeping.

Hammock feeling

Just let your mind wander – that is the real holiday feeling.

Bed alignment function with spirit level

No matter how inclined your camper is, you can always sleep comfortably in a horizontal position in your VAN7 bed lift thanks to flexible straps and the integrated spirit levels.

Unique bed fixing function

You can fix your VAN7 bedlift to the side wall in no time and you can sleep in peace and quiet.

Stowage & hanging function

Everything is neatly tidy with practical magnetic strips on the underside of the bed and attachment options to create yourself.

Showering in the camper

For showering in a closed vehicle, VAN7 even allows you to have a flexible shower under your bedlift.

Interior lighting

The LED lamps always ensure a pleasant light and your cargo space is automatically illuminated for you when the doors are opened.


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Flexible height adjustmentSimply adjust to your desired height for sleeping.PRODUCT
Unique bed fixing functionYou can fix your VAN7 fold-down bed to the side wall in no time:PRODUCT